Elanah and Darah,

I just said goodnight to you and gave you lots of smooches through the camera on my phone. I’m glad you Facetimed me twice today; both times made my day. I love listening to you tell me about your day and what’s on your minds.

Some of the events you told me about were the injuries you incurred at the skating rink, while you were celebrating C-Bear’s birthday. I have to admit, I’m a little glad I wasn’t there. You know how I hate watching you guys take falls on your little behinds. I cringe every time. It’s like my heart stops. Mummy has always been that way when you get hurt.

It makes me happy that you are learning to skate, though. Keep it up! (I hope you learn to swim soon, too…)

Aside from Atharva’s birthday party, which I want to hear all about tomorrow, the big event of the weekend for you two seems to have been the acquisition of the balloon popping device. Or game. I will have to see it in person, but it looks scary to me– which I am sure will make you want to make me play it even more (Darah…)! Balloons are funny. I always like to have balloons at parties but I hate blowing them up (my cheeks hurt and I think I have a latex allergy). The other thing I don’t like is when balloons pop. And this game is all about trying to stick a bunch of pins in a balloon head until it pops. Ah. This is evidence of why you are hexlings. My voo-doo girls.

So I hear there’s a new IPad on Bayberry Lane. Lucky you! But you better let Momma Si play with that one. Now no one will be without technology. I can just picture the three of you snuggled up in a bed with a rectangular device on each of your laps. Just remember not to watch too many Disney shows. Reading books is fun, too!

Which reminds me, we have fallen behind on our reading schedule. I feel like I have not read to you in a while. I hope we get to read together this week. We’re going to the library on Saturday, for sure, so we’ll definitely do some reading then.

I miss reading to you. I hope you always remember how I read to you and told you “stories from mouth” at night, even when I was fighting to stay awake, when I lived with you. I’m sad I don’t get to do it very often any more. Let’s use our Friday nights to do more reading and storytelling. When I am away from you this summer, we can read to each other on video. Deal?

I miss doing homework with you. Elanah, you love doing homework with me. That makes it fun. Darah, when you had homework, you were always complaining about it, but it was still fun, even when most of the homework time was spent bickering.

There will be more and more homework coming your way, just so ya know. But here’s something reassuring: homework can be a fun thing. I used to hate homework when I was a young kid. I even hated going to school. I would get anxious about going because I thought I was not smart. It turns out that I did all of that worrying for nothing. Even though school was hard for me at times, and I didn’t always get good grades, I later learned that it wasn’t because something was wrong with me. And I was smart (grades are not the end all be all when it comes to the worth of a person– always remember that!)! I ended up liking school so much, eventually, that I never wanted to leave. And I’m still in school, at thirty one, so what does that say! Anyway, I think the two of you like school and don’t feel weighed down by worry about going, so that makes me SO happy and I thank God for that!

All right. You’re both asleep right now (you better be!) and I am about to do a lot of paper-grading, so I am going to say goodnight.

But first I want to share my prayer with you. Sometimes I feel silly praying because I don’t think the way I pray sounds intelligent, but prayer isn’t really about being correct or intelligent. It’s about seeking comfort and a relationship with something larger than yourself. It might not seem like prayer matters right now, but I promise you that prayer matters. There are many things we can’t control in our lives, and praying is a way of feeling anchored to something safe and powerful when it feels like everything else is scary and wrong. I never want you to experience scary times or sad times, but in life, these things will happen. One way we can help ourselves is by believing in a force beyond us that is perfect and good, and by praying. So here is my prayer tonight:

Dear God,

Thank you for bringing Darah and Elanah into the world and into my life. We are so fortunate to be who we are and to be a family. Please keep them –and their Momma Si– safe and healthy, and help them to always know how loved they are. Protect our families and keep us safe from harm. Forgive us for the mistakes we have made today and the mistakes we make every day, and give our hearts and minds solace about the things that trouble us. Finally, I pray for a universal end to violence and for a peaceful humanity made up of people with love and forgiveness in their hearts and actions.


Elanah and Darah, you have two moms who have some very different beliefs about things. Like about God. But it’s okay. Never worry about this. It is okay for people to disagree and to hold different beliefs. The important thing is that we always try to see the best in each other.

I hope you are having the sweetest dreams. I miss you. I love you. I’ll see you at 3:15 when you get off the bus near my house tomorrow.

Love always and goodnight,

Mummy J




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