Guardians of The Gum Ball Galaxy

My Little Hexlings,

It is both late and early now, because it’s midnight, so I want to say both good night and good morning to you. We had a good afternoon and night together, while Momma Si was giving her Distinguished Faculty Lecture in the Quad Cities. We managed to fit in a lot of conversations and activities in that three-hour stretch of time that we were together. Including a shower, which you both needed.

It all started with your bus being a half an hour late, and then continued from there with a story about some punk kid on the bus taking Darah’s red gum ball from her and eating it (Grrrr!). No one should steal your gum ball from you. Not right! But, Darah, you looked on the bright side and said you still had your yellow gum ball.

We are sad that your bus-mate felt like she needed to steal in order to feel better. When people do things to harm and hurt others, it is usually because they are not feeling too good inside, so let’s pray that she feels better inside so she doesn’t have to continue stealing little gum balls from her schoolmates. I’m proud of you and Elanah for sticking up for yourselves, and for each other. That is what sisters are for– I know because I have a really good one who has a record of standing up for me whenever it counts. You two are so lucky to have each other. Protect each other … and each other’s gum balls … against the bullies and thieves of the world! And remember, that little yellow gumball might just be your guide to the galaxy!

I never got a chance to tell you about my day, probably because we were so busy with all the things we needed to do, but I wanted to tell you that I had a really great day at school! Some of my high school students, the ones you meowed “Let It Go” and played games with, had a really neat discussion on a detective fiction essay called “The Haunted Policeman” and my students at Spoon held really exciting and funny debates today. We learned a lot while doing the debates. I learned that I have a number of students who might want to go to law school! I also laughed a lot. More than a lot. My second class was arguing over whether or not the iPhone or Android should reign supreme. It was a comedy, really, but we learned a lot about rhetoric and public speaking through the activity, and everyone was having a great time while being incredibly clever– they had to do what many people refer to as “thinking on their feet.” Funny concept. I would have loved for the two of you to see them laughing and enjoying while learning. They were living out Shakespeare’s famous line, “All the world’s a stage…” But they were not merely players; they were players!

Which reminds me of when I was trying to memorize the monologue from As You Like It late last summer and how you acted it out while I read it. My little clowns.

We visited with Mrs. Mosley today after school, and that was a special treat. You know how much Mummy loves to be around Sandra Mosley. She’s fabulous, isn’t she! You two scarfed down the mini muffins and juice while I took photos of her to nominate her for a cool award that she totally deserves. I loved it when you declared that she should win the contest while we were driving back to your house. I agree. I keep nominating her for things because I think she’s the cat’s meow! (Another funny phrase.)

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 11.12.56 PM


I loved having dinner with you and I was impressed that we managed to eat, hold a Barbie doll karate convention, and help Elanah with her homework in the short span of time that we spent at the restaurant.

You don’t know about this blog yet, but other people do, and I think that’s kind of cool. I want everyone in the world to know how much I love you and how special you are to me! That’s love: when you want to share it with the world. When you can’t help it. To me, your mummy, that is love! Mummy is also a writer, so she loves to write, too. It’s the perfect combination, and we can share it with those around us.

Yesterday, at the dance studio, Evelyn’s awesome mom, Stephanie, surprised me when she made a ten minute long speech about how much she loves the way I write. She said that even when I write about sad things, like depression, she feels uplifted by the end because of the way that I write about it. I made a joke about how she was essentially telling me to keep right on being depressed, and we both laughed, but I was really touched by what she said and that she said it. People don’t have to reach out to compliment others and it’s not always common; it takes a special, loving person to reach out and encourage another person. Sometimes Mummy doesn’t think anyone reads what she writes. To know that my writing affected someone in a positive way was such a wonderful thing to find out. Then she said that she wants to buy any book I write in the future, on any subject, and that she’s the president of my fan club. Who knew I had a fan club! I better think about publishing a book now– for real! Wouldn’t that be cool? Well, anyway… But isn’t it nice when someone cares enough to say nice things to someone else?! Mrs. Munson made my day. She didn’t have to tell me that, and if she didn’t I never would have known, but she did and it was encouraging because I love to write and I love to connect with others.

My friend, Chris, often quotes her favorite line from a wonderful book by Virginia Woolf: “Communication is health; communication is happiness.” Mummy agrees with Virginia Woolf’s character. Communication with hexlings is both!

And your mummy is a writer. So it makes perfect sense that I should write to you. To tell you about me, to tell you about you, to tell you about us, and to share with the world our life and love. Because when you love in an honorable way, you do so freely and openly.

Lastly, before I drag myself to the shower and get into bed to pray, I want to remark on how the three of us ate the Caesar salad tonight. It makes me laugh to think about it. It was a group effort. Darah, you organized the whole thing– and you ate the lettuce (or at least the pieces that were drenched in dressing). Elanah, you ate the croutons. In fact, the two of you went on a crouton hunt as soon as the salad arrived. And I ate the shavings of Parmesan cheese (and the chunky salad pieces Darah would not touch). How nice that we all like Caesar salad and can share it together.

And… your mum just wrote a paragraph about how happy eating a Caesar salad makes her. Yep. Your mum’s a nerd.

A nerd who loves her Guardians of The Gum Balls.

I am sending you sweet dreams and forehead kisses.

Good night, good morning, and love always,

Your Nerdy Mummy


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