Camping Out

My Hexlings,

You are both fast asleep in your slippery sleeping bags on the floor of my little room. I don’t like the fact that you don’t have your own room, or at least a bed, where I live but right now in the soft and cozy candle light it almost seems all right and just right that you are snuggled up together on the floor. I did offer the twin bed as an option, but was glad you wanted to sleep in your sleeping bags this time, because Mummy’s back is not what it used to be and sleeping on the floor makes it hurt.

We may not have a bed; but we have a wand!
This is the look of “I am loved”

I spent a lot of nights sleeping in sleeping bags on the floor in various places when I was your age. It’s not such a bad thing. In fact, I used to love doing it. So I hope that you’ll look back on the “camping out years” with a similar sense of nostalgia. I know, in some way, I will because right now, even though the two of you seem too big for your bags, you look like little angels to me.

Life is one big camp out.

I am listening to you breathe. You both have stuffy noses, although Elanah’s is worse. I want to stay awake and write to you but I’m falling asleep.


Goodnight, my loves.

Love Always,




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